What Would You Do If Oprah Said It Was Time To Buy?

O What Would You Do If Oprah Said It Was Time To Buy?

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

In the last few months, some of the greatest financial minds have come out and said, “it is time to buy a home”.  Why then hasn’t the Ocean County real estate market, or almost any other market, seen a dramatic increase in home purchases?

Oh sure, the National Association of Realtors reported that “Pending Home Sales Jumped in January” but nobody believes the NAR anymore than they do Donald Trump!

And, who could blame them?

I’m an actual REALTOR and I don’t trust them!

Amidst all of the fear and uncertainty surrounding us today, “who” do we trust?

What or WHO will it take to persuade the masses to buy in to buying real estate?

Imho; it will take those words coming out of the mouths of Oprah Winfrey and/or Ellen Degeneres.

Here’s why:

  • Like it or not, we (the nation) are a mob.
  • We don’t trust anyone (except Oprah and Ellen).
  • As a mob, we “feel” safer hanging and moving with the mob.

The average Joe and Mary doesn’t/can’t relate to Warren Buffet or John R. Talbott.  They don’t speak the same language.

And, even though Oprah’s and Ellen’s lifestyles are far more closely related to Mr. Buffet’s and Mr. Talbott’s, we “feel” closer to them, having shared an hour a day together for so many years.

So, forget about historically low mortgage interest rates that will NEVER be seen again, and forget about home affordability being at record levels, we are not interested in facts and data.  We don’t trust anyone…except Oprah and Ellen!

And so, while the mob waits, the “Buffets” and the “Talbotts” of the world continue getting richer.  But that’s ok, maybe Oprah will buy you a car?  Oh, that’s right; her show isn’t on anymore!

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